Thursday, 23 February 2012

VM to the beyond!

Sending him messages on his voice mail.
He sends me back signs on Earth for me to keep writing my tale.
The joy he provides en Esta Tierra is huge.
But if Eden is better. Then kill my soul and take me there...
I hate the way you love me,
Only because I will never be able to reach even one drop of the level of love and forgiveness you provide me.
I hope each beat of my poor heart can say sorry for the mistakes of my misery.
My mother who loves me the most apparently felt bad and insulted me.
You never did and I love you until the end, when the depth of my flesh will receive punishment for all the sins I was aware of in this life.
Please, keep loving me, loving us. Your test is difficult but when you show us your presence, I wonder if your beauty equals a sunset? Amar es mi vida, Life is about living period...
 Thank you ya Allah.

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