Sunday, 26 February 2012

Now that I'm older...

29 years old, 29 years of bitter joy...
I laughed, I cried, I smiled but I cried first I guess.
Born in a farm, closer to l'Auvergne,
Je me suis pris des sacrées beignes.
J'ai vu les femmes souffrir, sourir et mourir.
I saw their sacred sorrow, down to earth, their heart I follow.

J'ai vu les hommes chialer, pleurer, beugler...
They wanted love, they got shit from les mal-aimées.
I saw creatures, animals, sweet babies and violence...
Now I own years of remembrance, memories and violence.
30 years and what's next? 
Love, marriage, hatred, hope for the best...
Leave this to subway clients, those sleeping to escape life and remain peasants.
I tried to be a king, I tried to find my queen.
Defeat baby, bad victory, fake contest full of cosmetic.
Their life is full, happy, wonderful and robotic.
I will end like a Robocop, paranoid in order to get hypnotic.

At least 300 is a better number.
Real visuals and cinema jewel.
I am Gerald Butler, I have no abs,
Just the belly of a baby and pride over shame when I will turn 30.

Now that I'm older... my love for doggies grew
My adoration for humans flew.

By Demonsandiosas. (picture reppin youth, youth and youth. I love u girls)

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Anonymous said...

I hope ur love for some humans is still there... Velvet bazar