Monday, 12 December 2011

Il était une fois...

Are you able to tell me a secret, a story, a sad memory or a super tale that made you happy, made you evolve spiritually or even  made you excited deeply ?

Open the door of your dreams and exquisite nightmares!
Pleaz this way...

Tradition of The 1001 nights.

Joyeux Noël!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Machine de guerre pour monstres de pop music en galère,
Grooving gas blowing billions of Billie Holidays in the air.
Elle sillonne les ondes de nos auditions.
Zooming on sensitive zones with a zest of soul.
Elle ferait faire la danse du diable à la plus pieuse des poules.
Alphabet allaité à l’amour , à la larme mélodieuse,
Bumping bodies breaking billboards in Boston,
Subway Sounds sneaking from button to button,
Life like a soundtrack, fast pace in slow motion,
Bitches bouncing on Buju’s beats with Bob breathing on her big breasts,
Dancehall du dimanche dans les dunes de Dominique,
Vos Vices voyants vouvoient vaudous, violence et violons,
Lyrics de podium, de summum et des albums canons.
By Demonsandiosas

This is the end of the Runaway song. I totally understood what he meant.
We spoke in tears. Bravo l'Artiste!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Unleash hell in Ohio.

Caution exotic animals,
Private suicidal zoo with a rifle,
Tigers, lions, wolves and grizzlies without pistols.
49 murders to protect crazy mammals,
And his body unpleased on the ground,
Jungle fever, ambulance, pumas on playground,
War time for no Safari cops who put down God’s creatures like the Africa Korps.
At least, we're safe. 

link to the article: BBC News.

By Demonsandiosas