Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fils de Charles!

Bloody refinement

I'll make my ride refined in a sacrificed era,
Practicing my English with your lips,
Dinning with you between your hips.
Smoky red room, lust perfume and Bordeaux on the table,
This church of sins has white lines on its bible.
Hispanic dishes, minds aiming at no wishes,
Just show me your heart,
I'll lick this open scar, it hurts.
Blood on the bed, your eyes staring at fear.
I got my mind made up and the high isn't fading.
Your curves in my brain and tears on the mirror,
Our reflection crying while your whisper says 'encore'.
Keep hurting me with your love, I paid for it all.
Sacred generation lost in lust,
Hanging out in artificial heavens and Belizean hotels.
Shut your fucking mouth!
Embrace! Be that angel drowning in hell!

By Demonsandiosas

Painting by Melvin B.

1 comment:

Kelin Hurt said...

I love this read yo. When I read it I do not fall in and out of sleep.